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New investors should definitely bet on safe investments, a.k.a. look for distilleries with a long-established reputation for whisky to invest on. According to Rare Whisky 101, the top 10 distilleries in the investor ranking for 2021 are Springbank, Rosebank, Dalmore, Brora, Glenury Royal, Port Ellen, Lochside, Glenugie, St Magdalene. And though $8,000 for a bottle of this stuff sounds steep, you probably couldn't even find a bottle for a price that low anymore, explains Charlie: "The retail price started at around $8,000 but. We put all of our experiences as one of Malaysia’s leading bank-backed investment banking groups at your service to bring you greater returns. Ground-breaking financial solutions will be available to you, always with your flexibility and independence as our focuses. We bring together high performing and out-of-the-box thinking professionals. Investing in whisky is a relatively untapped investment opportunity; some sources suggest healthy returns even within the space of a year. Of course, with all investing there’s some risk..
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